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About Me

My origin is English. I arrived in Canada in 2009 when I relocated to the beautiful Kawartha Lakes region, and we love it. I leapt into health care after finding The Bowen Technique whilst dealing with many back and pelvic issues from long distance running. I had an almost instant relief and I knew I had to learn the fabulous tools that not only sorted out my pain but left me feeling calm and rejuvenated. 


I have been a health practitioner since 2008. My Bowen qualifications were gained whilst I lived in the United Kingdom, I trained under the European College Of Bowen Studies. In November 2013 I took further advanced training with Bowen on line and now also teach the wonderful modality in Ontario. Since moving to Canada I have also completed a 3 year Advanced diploma in Massage Therapy and on completion I was honoured to recieve a faculty award for excellence.


I have been in my clinic setting inside Weiss Massage in Bridgenorth since January 2010 where I have created a professional yet relaxed, environment with a strong client base. My holistic background has added strong elements to my massage practice enabling me to look from different angles in order to resolve health issues. I also have Reiki attunements and mediatation training. I have a client centered approach and my goals are to seek the correct care for my clients in order to achieve their health care goals, I am therefore an advocate of referring to other health professionals if I feel it is needed.


I have a real interest in further education and I actively seek knowledge and different approaches to integrate into my clinic setting.