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Registered Massage Therapy

Why Massage?

An RMT has extensive anatomy and Physiological knowledge/training and when combined with Swedish and modern therapy techniques, an RMT’s goal is to work towards providing a positive outcome. For example, if a client presents with a shoulder issue, the therapist will use assessment techniques to build a treatment plan with the aim to return the shoulder to full function. The treatment plan will be constantly revisited in order to provide the client focussed continuous and active care. A client however does not have to have a specific issue, many of us carry excessive tension throughout our bodies and this is an excellent reason to visit an RMT or just because you need to replenish, recover or spoil yourself.

Massage is generally a hands on treatment where the therapist will manipulate muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and connective tissue with the sole purpose of restoring health. The systems within the body are also affected, providing a therapeutic effect on the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems.


What to expect

Health History: In order for me to provide a plan which will help you achieve your desired outcomes I will ask you to complete a health history form on your first visit, so I would advise you come 10 minutes before your appointment time.

Assessment: I will complete a short assessment to determine which areas need specific work. It may involve you showing me how far you can move the area in concern, nothing for you to worry about. I will discuss the treatment with you and you will have chance to ask questions or voice any concerns. I will then begin the treatment.

Treatment: It is much easier for a therapist to work directly on skin, however you will be asked to undress to your own level of comfort. You will be covered at all times only exposing the area which is being worked on. You are also in control at all times and you can stop or ask for a change of treatment type/area at any time. I will be in communication with you throughout the treatment to ensure your comfort.

Home care: Part of your treatment includes prescribing homecare, this may entail stretches, strengthening exercises or even a nice warm Epsom salts bath. By embracing your homecare you will start to see lasting results much quicker.